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Saiyuki: Yaone/Lirin - poison
Lirin had grown up, Yaone had noticed one day. It was an all-encompassing realization as the burn of lust swept through her, like the heat of one of her poisons. Lirin had matured into a beautiful woman, but she still retained her incredibly bright demeanor. She hadn't felt this drawn to someone since Kougaiji had saved her from Hyakugen Maoh.

The fiery locks fell down her back in waves and she had grown considerably in height. She had learned much in the past few years, and if one were to look closely enough, it could be seen in the tightness of her shoulders, and her expressions when she thought no one was looking.

But Yaone was looking. The apothecary wasn't sure when she had stopped seeing Lirin as a younger sibling, and more like a beautiful woman, but she couldn't help it. Every time a laugh bubbled up in the Princess, Yaone fell a little bit more for her.

Her respect for both Kougaiji and Lirin herself, though, kept her from acting on those growing feelings. She would never disrespect the prince or his younger sister in that way, so she continued to watch from afar, and hope that maybe, one day, she would get her chance. In the meantime, she would just heal their wounds and mix the poisons for their enemies.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - AzulaMai - Temptation
Azula watched from her throne as Mai slid into a low crouch, only to come up in a deadly swing with several blades clutched between her fingers. She turned the upward momentum into a spin, bringing her right leg up into a roundhouse kick, before falling into a solid defensive position.Read more...Collapse )

The princess would never call Mai beautiful, but temptation, perhaps. Her pale white skin offset by the dark hair common of the Fire Nation and her lithe figure betrayed the deadly woman that she really was. She was fluid grace as she moved through her practice routine. Mai had the patience and diligence to do anything she wanted, and it was one of the many things that drew Azula to her.

Mai must have felt the princess watching, because she suddenly made eye contact and executed a rather showy back flip. The torches that lit the room cast a glow behind her as she did it, and Azula could't help but think of the dragons that supposedly once roamed this land. Mai may not have been a bender, but she had all the grace that the firebender's ancient teachers supposedly had.

Yes, Mai isn't beautiful, but she is a temptation.